Thursday, 19 April 2012

Problems leaving comments

Is anyone else having problems leaving comments on blogs which require you to retype two words?  I have lost count of how many lengthy comments I have left only for a) the comment to completely disappear, b) to be told I have typed it incorrectly despite having about 6 attempts and knowing I haven't got it wrong c) be identified as Anonymous even though I am signed in and my name appears on other blog comments.

I am not being critical; obviously some bloggers feel it necessary for us to prove we aren't robots but I find it frustrating when I want to leave a comment and am unable to.

Can anyone help please?


  1. It's extremely frustrating and annoying ! I've seen discussions on other forums and it appears lots of people are reading and running these days because it is so time consuming to leave a comment. Don't know what the answer is really but let's hope it doesn't put people off posting x

  2. Yes Ruth I have had exactly the same problems as you. Sometimes I click to leave the comment and it loses the comment completely, other times I have to keep signing in although I am already signed in. I think blogger has issues from time to time which seem to eventually rectify themselves. I once lost all my followers and it was telling me there was an error but then they suddenly appeared frustrating isn't it? Hope it sorts itself out soon.
    Have a great weekend.
    Jo xx

    1. Hi Jo,
      This is what happens to me too,the whole box just disappears,i was wondering if we all need to do the april update to the new blogger it keeps talking about on our dashboard,hope it gets sorted soon x

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Yes me too! the whole word verification thing drives me mad and i give up,the only way to change it is for the blogger to turn word verification of,i know it loses followers and comments as it is so frustrating x

  4. I've now started right-click copying my comment before I take the trepidatious plunge and press the button- I've lost count of the amount Of times I've lost a long comment AAARRRGGGHHH!

  5. I've had the same problem. One thing that does help is if you make sure you uncheck the 'stay signed in' box when you sign in.
    I also find I am constantly having problems with people leaving lovely comments and then when I try to reply to them I find they are 'no-reply' bloggers. So frustrating as they probably think I can't be bothered to reply which is far from the truth. M x

  6. Oh I can identify with all these comments...It is so frustrating to write a long comment only for it to disappear. The word verification thing is a pain, the no reply blogger thing even more of a pain!
    Julie x
    PS right clicked this before I sent it...

  7. My blog now requires the 2 word type in and I did nothing to make it do this.

    1. That is very strange. I wonder if that has happened to the ones I have trouble with.

  8. I so agree I get soo frustrated when there is a verification thing! I didn't realise there was a 'no reply' thing.
    I'm still trying to work out how people get all their extra loveliness down the sides of their blogs... I'm such a novice!

  9. i used to have this problem until i started using mozilla firefox instead of internet explorer

  10. Hi! Ruth,

    I completely understand your frustration. I've encountered the same problem when leaving a comment with a verification. Not fun!

    Hope this issue gets resolved as your comments are a good thing ;o)

    Have a great weekend & a wonderful Earth Day! Hope you stop by my blog to view my Earth Day challenge. Take care.

    Blessings & Hugs,

  11. I hope you’ve got it all sorted now Ruth!

    Lou xxx

  12. Thanks to everyone who left a comment on this subject. It's good to realise I'm not the only one having trouble.

  13. Hi Ruth
    It is a shame that people are having problems isn't.
    I just wanted to let you know that I get each of your messages sent to my inbox but they are not showing up on the blog for some reason.
    But be rest assured that each message you have sent me over the last couple of weeks has been received & thank you so much for your sweet messages.