Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Vintage Garden

Yesterday we went to the antiques fair at Goodwood.  There are usually loads of stalls but the rain meant there were none outside this time (apart from three brave souls who did set up outside).  Most of the stalls indoors were selling china and jewellery which I usually just glance at but I did find a few things to sell on the website.  I love vintage garden tools especially when they are well used and I wonder who owned them, what they grew etc. etc.

I have been spending the last few weeks trying to get the garden into some sort of order for summer.  I put some plants in this old mop bucket on an old cart

and put some vintage gadrenalia outside our old air raid shelter

The living willow chair than my husband made last year is growing well.

I painted these old crates ready to put some more plants in.


  1. I do like an old gardening tool and I love your little cold frame...

  2. I really do love that Air Raid Shelter!

    Have a good after-easter week

  3. I really like the look of those old gardening tools, but I don't know what the one in the third pic is. xx

  4. Love it all, especially the painted crates - I hope I have a chance to paint the mini raised beds in the shed some time this week; I think they'll look lovely in the green we did the trellis.xxx

    1. These actually came from the greengrocer's where you worked whilst at school several years ago!

  5. Every picture is fabulous.....full of color!

  6. Your garden tools are a lovely find. They have character ;o) I really like that!

    All your photos are wonderful!

    I am soooo looking forward to gardening weather in our area. :o)

    Have a sunny week!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  7. Old gardening tools feel so much nicer to use too..smooth and worn from years of work.
    The ingenious daisy grubber is great for digging out dandelions in the lawn...roots and all. Extremely satisfying!
    Enjoy your week,
    Julie x