Thursday, 3 January 2013


We have almost finished the makeover on the downstairs cloakroom/shower room.  When we moved into this house absolutely every room needed work doing to it.  In the rooms where we thought we were just removing wallpaper then the walls came away with it etc. etc. and every room seemed to be a major task.  I don't know why we left the downstairs cloakroom so long to tackle but now we only have the loft (which had already been converted into a bedroom) to sort out and the house is as we like it (though some rooms already now need redecorating!!)

This room was weird in that it had two steps up to the toilet and shower.  We discovered why when the builders were gutting it.  Rather than remove a beautiful old ceramic shower tray they had put a plastic tray over it and lifted the floor rather than remove it!  Bizarre!  Unfortunately we couldn't salvage this as it was cemented in too well but we no longer have to step up to the throne!

I didn't take any photos of the room before demolition but all four walls were floor to ceiling tiles (why?) and this is how it looked when they were removed.

We had bought an old Singer sewing machine table which we wanted a basin to stand on.  I love the juxtaposition of old and modern which is why I also chose this light fitting.  It is so not usually my taste but I fell in love with it and thought it would make a statement.  It weighs 7 kgs so my husband spend ages trying to find a batten strong enough in the ceiling to take the weight!

I had already painted the walls (white) but since the plumber has installed the shower and toilet it now needs repainting and I still have the pipes and skirting boards to paint.

I bought this large mirror on ebay and painted it with Farrow & Ball's French Grey.  I want to buy some co-ordinating fabric to place a blind at the window just to inject a little colour too.

At the weekend I black leaded the metal work on the sewing table (big mistake as it seemed to coat everything in a layer of fine black dust and I have walked some onto the cream living room carpet and can't remove it).

This cast iron and marble table is one we already had and it perfectly matches the sewing table which also has a marble top (not original to the sewing table, of course).  (You can see which bits of the wall I still have to paint).


  1. It's looking marvellous, and so elegant!
    I love the wash basin stand you've transformed from the singer table, it all looks lovely!
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    Gill xx

  2. it all looks sooooo GRAND!
    ps beware the black lead doesn't become damp and drip when you run the steamy shower...not being a know-it-all, just previous experience!

  3. It all looks so gorgeous........fresh and clean, just like a bathroom should!!

  4. Wow - I'm very impressed - looks fab! Well done. Love the light.

  5. Love the idea with the singer treadle base. It looks great.

  6. Your singer sewing machine table looks wonderful in it's new location and I love the light! How long have you been living in your current home?
    Sarah x

  7. It looks amazing! I love the ladder as a towel rack...good job!

  8. Looks lovely! I really like the re-use of the sewing machine table and the stunning light fitting. I have my grandmother's old singer machine,the hand cranked type in the wooden case, it's really beautiful but I haven't thought how and where to display it.