Sunday, 13 January 2013

My weekend

What a contrast in weather conditions this weekend!  I had my very favourite dog again for a few days as my daughter was away so this necessitated several walks down to the beach

but he doesn't like the water like this dog does.  Every time he brought a stick back to his owners they threw out to sea again!!

Friday and Sunday were beautiful days but it poured and poured on Saturday.  My husband and I went to the Pallant Art Gallery in Chichester as they had an exhibition of Gwen John's paintings (I have blogged about here previously here).  Unfortunately they had very few of her works and had concentrated more on Celia Paul's paintings (and I'm not keen on hers)

Celia Paul Self Portrait

This is one of my favourite Gwen John's sketches.

This afternoon my husband has drawn a female on the new bathroom wall.  We felt it needed something to break up this space of white and so he tried this saying that we could paint over it if we didn't like it but I do!

I bought myself this book at the gallery.  I had seen it before and loved some of the paintings featured in it so decided to treat myself.  

This is a painting of three sisters painted in 1917 which interested me because I will be listing a French world War 1 Red Cross uniform on my website later this week.

This was found in the attic of a distillery in France.  Gosh, I wonder what stories this could tell.


  1. I love the drawing! Have a good week! :) x

  2. I love the uniform and the Dulac painting too. And I'll bet Gwen John would've painted the Duchess of Cambridge with so much more feeling.

  3. Great drawing! Well done, that husband! Not keen on the Celia Paul self portrait - you wouldn't want to live with that, would you?! Sounds like a good weekend. Have a good week. x

  4. Lovely post and what a gorgeous little dog. Your husband has a talent

  5. Love the uniform, absolutely gorgeous. I remember many years ago working in a very posh nursing home and having to wear a starched cap and apron, albeit not as long as those ones but they were very similar. Love your daughters little dog, so sweet.
    Jo xx

  6. I loved your picture of the sea, having a dog does get you out, your daughters dog looks so cute! Your husband is very talented his drawing on the wall looks so good.
    I would love to know the story behind the uniform too.
    Sarah x

  7. Just found your blog via blog-hopping and I'm glad I've arrived here as it's fascinating! I too would like to know the tales that uniform could tell. Suzy from RusticVintageCountry. x

  8. What an amazing vintage find. I find uniforms more fasinating than any other vintage items.

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