Friday, 1 February 2013

First of all thank you to all of you who suggested a caption to the piece of toile in my last post.  They were all very funny but I have to admit that my favourite was from gillyflower and she will be receiving a lavender heart made from vintage toile.

And now for something completely different.  This is totally ridiculous logic but I was ordering a slow cooker from John Lewis and had to spend another £3 in order to qualify for free delivery.  I have really wanted a Jo Malone candle for ages but they are so expensive (in my opinion), however, this seemed the ideal excuse to add one to my basket!  Does anyone else do this sort of thing?  I spent £38 on a candle rather than £3 on postage!!  Crazy, but I do love my candle and it came all gift wrapped, just for me.  I haven't lit it yet.  That's another thing; I am always reluctant to light nice candles so they just end up getting dusty and faded and not looking nice at all.  I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks like this, though.  Do you do anything that is totally illogical?

The fragrance I chose is 'Lime Basil and Mandarin'.   I had tested a lot of the scents at Dublin airport on Monday but they were all lovely and I couldn't make a choice.  I have just been in the garden and noticed that the Daphne shrub is flowering.  This is my favourite shrub of all as the scent is really strong.  I have brought some into the house and know that it will soon scent the whole room.

As I mentioned, I have been over to Dalkey in Ireland for a few days.  Dublin is very near so I had to have a day's shopping there; it is such a beautiful city.  I also visited my two favourite shops there, Noa Noa and Avoca and, of course, I had to help the Irish economy and buy a few things!  You can read about a previous visit to Avoca here.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh yes Ruth, I do the same sort of thing, anything to avoid paying postage - and if you look at it that way, you got a bargain on your Jo Malone candle as you saved on the postage ;0.
    I too think they are very expensive for a candle, but at the same time I secretly covet one and I'm sure the scent is well worth it even if you just inhale it every now and then without lighting it!
    The scent you chose sounds wonderful!
    Am excited to be the winner of the vintage toile lavender heart - thank you!
    The Daphne looks lovely, and will smell divine.
    How lovely to visit the Avoca store - the nearest I have come is to the few Avoca goods they sell at our local John Lewis!
    Have a great weekend Ruth
    Gill xx

  2. That must been a wonderful treat. I love scented candles too, my favourite are from St Eval's in Cornwall.
    We have that Daphne in our garden, I will have to see whether ours is also ready for picking. Yours look so pretty and the scent is so wonderful.
    How lovely to have been to Ireland, I would love to visit Dublin and Ireland again.
    Sarah x

  3. A very feminine kind of logic, I'd say, and very sensible too!

  4. Lol...yes I do. But this is a women's logic. Really you got your candles for £3 less! so that was a great saving. Now you can enjoy it. I have the odd very expensive candle which I burn only on very special occasions. I burn candles, (I am sure you have guessed that anyway), all the time. They small so much nicer than plug ins. And these candles are good for us....that this my excuse, as if I need one. He has almost given up on telling me off. Cxxx