Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Meet Henry

(Sorry this is a little out of focus, it was taken on my phone)

I have been searching for a Schnoodle (Schnauzer crossed with a Poodle) for ages, well almost since my daughter had her Schnoodle, Bodhi.  They always seemed to be too far away or, when I did contact the owners, they were sold.  On Saturday evening I came upon an advert for some for sale about an hour away from us so on Sunday afternoon we drove over and came home with this little chap.  Well, how could I resist?

Bodhi is white and I have often seen black Schnoodles but never this colour; he looks just like a teddy bear! After much debate about a name we decided he looked like a Henry.  He is as good as gold and everyone adores him!  Life for Henry is playing hard

and sleeping a lot

I can't wait till he is old enough to go out for a walk with me.  This evening the sunset was beautiful as I walked along the beach.


  1. Aww!! Henry's gorgeous! Beautiful sunset too. x

  2. Oh Ruth he is adorable!!! Oh my gosh i just scrolled back up for a second peek at Henry,Can you send him a little cuddle from me,What a cutie x

  3. Ruth,
    Henry is so cute, I shall enjoy following his progress as he grows up. Amazing to think last week you didn't know anything about him !
    Sarah x

  4. I have NEVER seen such a sweetie before - and I'm a cat person!

  5. I think I've fallen in love........:) x

  6. oh my! and he looks SO much like a Henry!

  7. What a sweetheart. Wishing you years of fun with Henry!

  8. What an adorable little him and have fun with him!

  9. Oh my, I would not get any work done with him around, and I bet you won't get very far when you do get to take him out as everyone will be stopping you to make a fuss of him!!

  10. Hi Ruth,

    What an adorable puppy! I remember what it was like to be searching for a new pup - the disappointment when they had already found new homes and the excitement of finding the one that was obviously meant to be mine!! We were so desperate that we ended up with "Zestful Zelly" which should have been a warning - next time I'm looking for "Sleepy Susan" ! Hope you have lots of puppy fun and looking forward to more pictures of Henry,

  11. Oh Ruth, Henry is just adorable!!
    You are going to have so much fun with him!
    Thank you for the gorgeous lavender Toile heart, I have just shared some photos of it in my latest post!
    Give Henry a cuddle from me!
    Gill xx