Friday, 15 March 2013

Vintage Posters

Our meeting on Poster Art was really interesting.  The subject matter is so vast that most people had narrowed it down to posters with a particular theme.  We had railway posters, travel posters, suffragette posters and the most popular of all time posters.  I have picked out a few that I think are particularly interesting.

This was the original Pears Soap poster and the painting 'Bubbles' by 19th century artist John Millais was used.

I hadn't realised that objectors to the suffragette movement had produced so many awful and damning posters.  Take these two for example

The following posters are iconic and surely familiar to all.

(I used to have this Biba one on my bedroom wall)

And an all time favourite!


  1. Very interesting - I'll remember those dreadful Suffragette posters every time I wonder if women really have achieved emancipation!

    1. Women in the UK only received equal voting rights in 1928 - later than many other countries, especially NZ and Australia for instance. But other equal rights like property law etc. still up for dispute - even in our first world 'enlightened' society.

  2. I really envy you your art history classes. I wish we had something similar in Salisbury. How far away are you?

  3. Oh, dear - tbhose suffragette posters! I remember the Biba one! Have a good weekend. Abby x