Saturday, 10 March 2007


I like to look at other people's collections on here so thought I would share some of mine with you starting with these 'souvenirs'. I only collect this china when it represents a place that has particular significance for me.

These ones feature pictures of PORTHLEVEN, Cornwall which is where my husband and I first lived in 1978

after a honeymoon spent in KINGSBRIDGE, Devon (not the most exotic of places!)

Both our children were born in TRURO, Cornwall.

We moved to PORTSMOUTH in 1991

I spent many happy holidays in SCARBOROUGH as a child as this is where my grandmother lived.
These little cups below have all been given to me by my mother, the left one when she was very ill and I visited her every day. We laugh at the middle one saying 'My Dear Girl' as this can be said in so many different ways!

All these do not have any particular value but are very dear to me.


  1. I am your first comment on this post- hopefully it will set the ball rolling for more. I enjoyed reading it! I'm glad you liked your saucer, I did a route plan on the antiques shop and it's only 25 minutes away. I will definitely take you there; and we can have the lunch I owe you in the pub opposite!xx

  2. I am so pleased to have found your sweet blog! I love your pretty china, and smiled when I saw the one with "Truro" on it, as we also have a "Truro" right here on Cape Cod (it is the second to last town at the very tip of Cape Cod). Cornwall sounds like a lovely place to live (my husband and I read alot of British magazines)!

  3. Very pretty china! I also collect, but mostly tea cups, with roses or fruits patterns. My boyfriend ask me, dont you have enough ? Ofcourse i dont have enough, you can neverget enough!! It is too pretty!! :)

  4. What a lovely blog! It looks very pretty. Thanks for the lovely comments you left. I look forward to returning.
    Kim x

  5. I love the colors of the china. A great collection!

  6. What a beautiful collection, with great significance to you...
    I loved the last one - 'A present for a good girl', that's so sweet!

  7. I loved your tour through the tea cups. You have lived in some wonderful places. I think a honeymoon in Devon sounds delicious!!

    Cherry Menlove xx

  8. Hi Ruth, what a charming collection - I love that pretty fluted edge cup in the first photo. It's especially nice when a collection has a personal meaning isn't it? Clare x

  9. I used to have friends in Porthlevan who lived overlooking the picture book harbour and when my children were small we visited often. I loved it there. I have a collection of mugs from everywhere I visit, all of them pretty hideous, I make a thing of going for tourist tat! Will have to blog about them now...

  10. I did set the ball rolling! I told you! I have a new blog for you to comment, and I even plugged your little blog!

  11. Hello Rosie's mum!! It's lovely to 'meet' you. what a great collection you have there with all the family memories. Ah, i know them well with three sons (two of whom are now in Southampton and Portsmouth)! Good luck with your blog; i'll be back.