Monday, 19 March 2007

Post Mothering Sunday

I hope all you Mums out there had a wonderful Mothering Sunday spent with your children if possible and, if not, had a chat on the phone. This is quite a well known painting entitled 'First Born' by Fred W Elwell and I just love it.

I spent most of the day with our 22 year old daughter, Rosie who has left the nest and now has her own flat in Southampton. Tom who is 17 and still lives at home honoured me with his company for the brief space of time it took him to eat the meal I had prepared, have a bath and a change of clothes then out to socialise again!

When Rosie was born my Mother gave me a poetry book entitled 'A Celebration of Babies'. These two poems are my favourites and I dedicate them to my two children:-

To My Daughter
by Stephen Spender

Bright clasp of her whole hand round my finger,
My daughter, as we walk together now.
All my life I'll feel a ring invisibly
Circle this bone with shining: when she is grown
Far from today as her eyes are far already.


The Merchant's Wife
by Alun Lewis

My son would not have been born,
To fetch lotus for my bosom,
To gladden my heart and my house,
Had I not smiled upon his father,
I count it a blessing that my son was born, and
That wisdom is in smiling.


  1. What beautiful poems! And I so love the painting! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! We celebrate it here in May. My second son was born two days after Mother's Day, so that year it was an especially memorable one (even though I was already a mom)! =)

  2. Hello! I love your blog! love the poems and that picture is so special! Hope you had a great day!

  3. Thanks for the lovely poems, the Stephen Spender one brought a tear to my eye. Being able to watch our children grow up is a wonderful thing. Thanks
    Kim x

  4. Oh Rosie's mum i love all this! You knew i would, didn't you, after my own gushing version he he.

    Your picture of that stunning made my eyes fill as soon as it loaded, because this was sent to me when i had my first born, Arthur and i treasured it. Such a beautiful painting.

    Glad you had Rosie with you and your son? I know that scenario well. The weekend before, Henry had visited, came in, told me he'd eaten on the way (assorted salads back in fridge), had a long shower (loves my shower), changed, endured my hugs, no to be fair he's okay about that (no choice anyway) then he was out, sleeping bag under arm to sleep in a uni friend's room! Saw him the next day though... sigh... how grateful are we for the small crumbs these teens afford us from their party tables!

  5. stunning card, that's meant to be. Oops.

  6. just passing threw.come on over for a visit.

  7. Happy Mother's Day. I love your painting. Like you, I also have a 22 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. We celebrate Mother's Day here in Canada a bit later - May 13th.

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