Wednesday, 24 October 2007

For Sale

How I wish this sign would be changed for 'SOLD'. This week we have had an offer which we have accepted as our buyers have also sold their house. Below them in the chain someone has to sell two houses so weren't not counting our chickens just yet though this is the nearest we have been so far. Luckily the house we wanted is still for sale (houses just aren't selling in this area) and we went to view it again on Monday. The last time we saw it was on a lovely warm June day and it looked a totally different house altogether now on an autumn evening with the lamps and heating on and the smell of a casserole in the oven. I love it even more and am trying very hard not to get excited and plan how I want to change this and that but it's hard when looking at all the magazines that I like to read not to imagine something in my new house!

We are off to Cornwall for the weekend again as my mum has been buying lots of things for the website. It's also my birthday on Sunday (how can another one have come round so quickly) and we plan to go to Boscastle for the day. Must remember my camera!

No birthday cake for me, though. Having lost 19 lbs at Slimming World and reached my target I hadn't been since our French holiday. I went yesterday and SHOCK, HORROR I have gained 5.5 lbs!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend in Cornwall and maybe when you get back you'll be a bit further along the chain.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! And here's hoping you sell your home quickly, too! (People in my neck of the woods are experiencing the same thing.)

  3. you have to have a tiny slice of birthday cake!
    many happy returns
    and sending you a HUGE amount of luck with the house selling x
    tracy x

  4. It's a frustrating time when you're selling and buying houses, hang in there, one day it'll all be behind you. Happy Birthday! Yes you must have a piece of birthday cake, you can get back to the diet the next day. You've clearly got a lot of willpower so it should be easy to get back to your target weight again. Well done!

  5. Lucky, I wish I was in Cornwall this weekend.
    I have really enjoyed listening your playlist. It is great for finding something new to listen to.

  6. I do hope you have had a lovely birthday today.
    - and fingers crossed for the house sale. What sort of style is the one you want? I hope you get it!

  7. Is your birthday on 28th October, mine is too, I have just turned 43, it would be strange if you are too!