Wednesday, 17 October 2007


I bought this piece of fabric on ebay this week. It appealed to me because I seem to do so much washing and ironing. I don't like hanging out or bringing in the washing but I do enjoy ironing. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean hubby's shirts but I love ironing all the beautiful linens I buy, wash, starch and iron for the website. I enjoy seeing a lump of creased, grey material bought at a car boot sale transformed into beautiful white linen on the ironing board! I haven't decided what to do with it yet, I suppose the most obvious thing is to make a peg bag.


  1. Hello
    I think this material is utterly gorgeous!
    Do you have any of it in your shop???
    I am sure you will find something wonderful to make with it..
    P.s I love your browsing through your shop

  2. I love that fabric! Wouldn't it be pretty as a little valance on a window in a laundry room? Like mine? My laundry room is a"staging area". Lots of laundry to do, lots of folding, and lots of ironing. And all this for two of us!

  3. Lovely would make a nice pag bag or if it is big enough - a bag for hangers - to keep them tidy and ready for all that ironing!

  4. What about an ironing board cover...?

  5. I can't stop commenting, I really should be out in the garden. This fabric is lovely, a peg bag would be great. I loathe ironing but my mum used to love it, she even ironed pants and socks! x