Sunday, 7 October 2007


The recent holiday in France was wonderful. Initially we stayed with friends who moved to the Tarn region last year and are renovating a cottage. How I envy their lifestyle! Absolutely stress-free. The renovation is a mammoth task but I can see it will be absolutely stunning when it is finished. We then stayed in the Dordogne area for a week. The area was just beautiful but, alas, not the accommodation - I have never seen so much bad taste in one place. Plenty of the French shabby but not a chic in sight! This chateau/castle was just down the road from us and the views over the river were amazing.

We did plenty of shopping,

eating and drinking,
and sightseeing.

I took so many photos of all the wonderful buildings, it's hard to choose which to publish here.
The houses built into the cliffs are so unusual.

Of course I was hoping to buy lots of French antiques for my website but didn't find as many as I had hoped. Brocantes seemed to be thin on the ground in this area.

I did manage to find some lovely linen, though, and it has definitely whetted my appetite to go back and search for more.


  1. It just looks wonderful, oh how I wish I was there admiring those old buildings too, and shopping!! The music you have chosen is lovely, it really sets the mood...I think I will come back and visit again, I feel like Im almost there!

  2. It all looks so beautiful, especially on this grey, wet day! I'm sure I've visited some of those places - I often say that and then remember it was in a dream! Lovely!
    Kim x

  3. I am new to your site so hello. All i can say is "wow" at those photos and after battling to school and back in the rain today I am extremely jealous

  4. You know, I'd love to pick your brains about banana hangers?xx

  5. I just found your blog today. I love the pictures from your trip. Some of the houses are amazing. I hate to show my ignorance but what is Brocante? I have seen it on a few blogs in the last few days. I have never heard of it.

  6. What a lovely site. Wonderful photographs. Enjoyed my visit!

  7. Thank you so much for dropping by Cowboys.. and your lovely comment..
    I have been meaning to say something about these fabulous photos.. we are great Italy fans and tend to go back to Chianti every year but this place in France looks so tempting and interesting..
    You have aroused my curiosity.. I would love to go there now..