Thursday, 24 January 2008


I just thought I would quickly post a couple of pictures of some bags I have been making this week. When we were in France I bought a small amount of hemp material. Because it is so thick these bags stand up on their own too.

Jane and I are going to have a pitch at an antiques fair on Sunday. Not quite in the same league as Shepton but we'll give it a go. After our disappointing effort a year ago I said 'Never again' but I have been persuaded to try a different venue. It's amazing how time consuming it is putting price tickets on everything, so back to work!


  1. Yep done that with paintings, it IS time consuming. Good luck though with this, how clever you are.

  2. The bags are lovely...really unusual. I love toile and have some curtains in the bedroom in a soft blue.
    Margaret and Noreen

  3. Good luck with the fair girls. Love the bags.

  4. Hi Ruth

    They look lovely. Good luck for Sunday. The weather sounds promising in our neck of the woods so hopefully it will be for you, too. It's the Shepton Flea this weekend but I have to miss it as we'll be at a family wedding.

    Shall look forward to hearing good news after your Fair. I'm sure you'll well.

    Sue x

  5. Hi Ruth, oh I do like those bags, red and white toile fabric has to be a firm favourite. Yes, I think the bottle is staying, I don't think I could sleep at night if I got rid of it!
    Have a good weekend (with loads of customers!)
    Lucy x

  6. Those are gorgeous!
    Seems we all have the sewing bug this month,good luck with the pitch b e sure to take some piccies to share with us all.
    Kristina XxX