Monday, 21 January 2008

Shepton Mallett Antiques Fair

My first meeting with a fellow blogger was at Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair on Friday. Sue has already mentioned this on her blog so I thought I had better post these photos that she refers to (I know it should be 'to which she refers' but this sounds so archaic now as I hear a past teacher telling me 'Never end a sentence with a preposition'!)

In this first photo Sue is trying to hide behind me and the second one includes Liz and Bronia who seem to make regular appearances in photos on people's blogs.

It was great to meet Sue, we bought a couple of things from her and hope to buy more when we visit her at Dairy House antiques. What was amazing was that as Jane went to ask where Sue's pitch was I said I would just look at this interesting stall only to find out it was actually hers that I had decided to look at out of all the ones there!

On Saturday I had a lovely surprise. I had won a giveaway on Kim's blog Ragged Roses and the postman delivered a big box full of goodies - Look at all this I received!

I was so touched by her generosity, such lovely things. Thankyou so much Kim.

I haven't been well this weekend. I started with an itchy rash on Friday evening which, by Saturday, had developed all over my body. Along with flu like symptoms of aching and a continuous headache all I've done the whole weekend is fall asleep on the sofa. By Sunday it was even worse and some of the rash had changed into bruise like rings which didn't disappear when pressed. You can imagine my worry so when I rang the doctor for advice they said to go along to the local hospital. Apparently it is an extreme allergic reaction or viral infection but I have now to try my third different anti-histamine and hope it goes away as quickly as it appeared.

Jane and I bought several things at Shepton to sell on our website . I did treat myself to two things, though. This is a 'Travelling Lady's Laundry Sachet'. I may use it on holiday (so much more upmarket than a plastic carrier for one's dirty smalls!!) or insert a cushion pad and display it in my bedroom.

No, I haven't decided to keep livestock! I just like things that are different and thought this animal drinking trough would look good in the garden as a planter or even adapted as a water feature.


  1. Aaaaaaargh Ruth - how COULD you post that awful photo!!!!!!! No-one will ever visit my blog again!!!

    That cow water fountain thingy has taken me right back to childhood. It might just have to wing its way back "from whence it came" (prepositions and all that!) so that it can live alongside my jar of hay!!!

    Love the laundry sachet. There were some lovely items around, weren't there.

    Hope the latest antihistamines do the trick.

    Sue xx

  2. Sorry Sue, but you should have seen the one of me - 10 times worse than yours and you look lovely in the next photo.

  3. Hi Ruth, sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well. Have the antihistamines helped? I sometimes have to use a homeopathic remedy, uritca or apis, they help (but usually the antihistamine is the best). Anyway fingers crossed that you're on the mend. Thank you so much for the lovely comments. It was great to see a photo of you and Sue, you all look like you're having fun! Take care

  4. Love the laundry sachet! Perfect for a weekend away at a lovely B&B - the washing would almost be a pleasure, when you got home!

  5. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I was getting increasingly anxious as you described your symptoms but thank goodness it was not serious. Must be unpleasant though and i wish you better. How quaint the laundry bag is - but at most you could only fit a couple of smalls in it! Yes i'm past the thong stage and good riddance to it.

  6. Hi Ruth

    Glad you had a great time at Shepton meeting Sue and Liz - I trust it isn't Sue that you're allergic to?!!!!

    I would normally be disappointed to miss a Shepton fair but I was visiting a new contact for textiles etc., and I'm pleased to say it was a very rewarding trip!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Clare x

  7. You girls look like you had a great time,i am so jealous i wish i was in the back of these pics rummaging through all the stalls.
    I hope the antihistamines are working they are such a god send and relief for so many things and that you feel better real soon
    Take care Kristina XxX

  8. Hello Ruth
    How lovely to see all of you in a photo...and put faces to names... it makes life so much easier for me as I have such a bad memory for names and get muddled with who's who in the blog world.
    I so wish I could have joined you all at Shepton.. it would have been lovely to meet up and some light relief from the monotony of work..
    Never mind ... I will try and make the next Shepton Fair..