Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Postal Delivery

I have had a lovely morning. The postman delivered two dvds that I ordered.
I'm looking forward to watching Goodbye Mr Chips. I saw it on tv years ago and Martin Clunes is absolutely superb in it. The BBC repeated How We Built Britain over Christmas. I had missed the series the first time around plus several of the repeats and, as I enjoyed what I did see so much, thought I would treat myself to the dvd.

I also received two books in the post and I wasn't expecting these at all. I subscribed to Easy Living magazine for a friend's birthday present recently and apparently these Tamasin Day-Lewis' cookery books were a free gift! Some of the recipes are delicious so once I have re-lost my weight I had lost before Christmas I shall be trying (and sharing) some of these with you.

I finished lining another basket this morning so shall be putting it on the website.

I love spending time in my 'den' sewing and listening to the radio. I have lots more things I want to make as I feel in a rather creative mood lately. Hopefully I'll have more to show you soon.


  1. Hi Ruth, Hope you enjoy some chill time with your dvds!

    Glad to hear you've been busy sewing - there's a constant whirr of the sewing machine here at the moment!

    Clare x

  2. I really enjoyed the 'How We Built Britain' series.
    What a lovely blog you have!;-)

    P.S I also remember Lianne as she used to buy fabric from me for her Christmas goodies! I met her at the Lincoln Christmas market, a couple of years ago. Do say hello from Sal Hall!

  3. That's a gorgeous illustration at the top there. How sweet it is. Goodbye Mr. Chips ahhhhh. The original too! Ahhhh again. wonderful film. I want to watch it right now he he.

  4. Thanks for dropping by - I taped the Martin Clunes Mr Chips when it was first shown and still havent watched it - I will make an effort now. If you dont want to be scared witless about your move dont read my latest blog - you will seriously not believe the development on Friday - its the one to end all the others.

  5. Hello Ruth
    I just about remember the original Mr Chips.. I think it was filmed in our village of Crowthorne Berkshire (where I grew up) at Wellington College public school.. Now that could be my bad memory playing tricks!
    I like the look of your two cookery books... especially the tarts with tops... my kind of food!


  6. What a great choice of dvd's!

    What a nice parcel you had in the post, its lovely to get an unexpected suprize...

    Jennifer x