Tuesday, 1 July 2008


We had originally intended going to the architectual salvage fair at Knebworth on Sunday but woke up too late and felt disinclined to drive all that way so settled for a bit of beachcombing instead (a lot cheaper!).

Several years ago I saw some pigs made out of driftwood at 'The Eden Project' and came home and asked hubby to make me one. Here it is
He also made a heron which acted as a scarecrow for the real one who kept stealing our fish but this didn't survive the recent removal. Wonder what our latest haul will turn out to be....
We also like finding stones with holes all the way through. These are known as 'hag stones' or 'holy stones' in Dorset and 'fairy stones', 'eye stones' or 'witch stones' in other parts of the UK. In bygone days people used to hang these over their doorways to ward off evil spirits. Farmers used to tie them around their horses necks as they believed witches used to tie knots in their manes, use this as stirrups and ride their horses during the night. This practice was known as being 'hag-rod' (I suppose this is where the term haggard comes from).
I leave you with a few roses picked from the garden. Have a lovely week.


  1. the homely year1 July 2008 at 21:39

    Hi, what a wonderful driftwood sculpture...very tactile...I love that bleached look. Can't wait to see what you make with your new collection.
    Margaret and Noreen

  2. It's fabulous! I've seen some made into horses - I'd love one for my garden!

  3. I love the sculpture!;-)

  4. how funny...(love the driftwood sculpture)...I too have a dritwood collection and a string that I found on the beach and I have strung with stones with holes in!!mine is hanging in the garden. In reply to your comment, I have been trying to brighten up my wardrobe this summer...I tend to wear black and jeans in winter and white linen in summer..I have added some bright blues and greens this season...getting daring in my old age!

  5. I beachcomb for the pebbles with holes in on our local beach and use them around the garden. I didn't know what they were called or the folklore, so really interesting. I would love to be finding this driftwood along the shores, I never ever do. I really do like the pig sculpture, maybe the heron could be rebuilt? x

  6. Have just picked up your blog again from Cowboys & C. Oh my goodness your new house is beautiful and garden well........... you lucky girl. If you wnat to see a plaster story read my blog! I cant even add pictures at the moment 'cso we know where the camera is but can't get at it. I just want it all to be over so I can have a cuppa in the conservatory - which is stil full of boxes! I am adding yuor blog to my side bar I don't want to miss anything!

  7. Hello- days on the beach are great aren't they. Especially when hubby can make you a wonderful driftwood pig at the end of it. Love finding bits of driftwood too. We found a fairy stone last week and have hung it up by the back door

  8. Amazing driftwood sculpture