Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Being Creative

I saw a lovely lampshade in an interiors shop recently and thought, 'I could make that' so I did. I'm really pleased with the result and plan to make more in other materials. I covered a small lampshade I already had with white muslin, then made a 'skirt' in the same material.

I much prefer hand sewing; I find it very calming and therapeutic whereas sewing with a machine can have the opposite effect! I have turned part of the upstairs loft room into a sewing area. This is the view this morning from the window where I sit. In the distance can be seen the Isle of Wight and you can just about make out a trawler and the search and rescue helicopter.

I can thoroughly recommend the film 'The Changeling'. It was amazing especially as it is a true story. Tonight I am going out with my reader's group for our Christmas dinner. Let's hope I feel a bit more Christmassy after this as I don't feel at all in the festive spirit yet! It just seems strange to be thinking about buying a Christmas tree when I am still picking roses from the garden today.


  1. Hi Ruth

    Thank you for your lovely comments, you've been so supportive. As you've seen today we've started afresh and everything is alright again. The girls have been calmer and we all had a good night last night so the sleep must have helped!

    I totally agree with you about hand sewing, I can't use a machine because they terrify me and on the rare occasions I've tried to use one it's all gone wrong! But you can't beat a bit of work with your needle and thread, and your lampshade is gorgeous.

    I'm glad to hear that The Changeling was good, I'd really like to see that. The adverts make it look intriguing but you can never tell if it's good or if they've just put all the best bits on the ads to suck you in!

    Mel x

  2. So glad you found me and thankyou for your comments. I love hand sewing too. It's very calming and much more social than the sewing machine.

  3. Gosh how pretty this post is, from start to finish! Good to see you back! Those roses are beautiful and the lampshade very sweet. I do that, think oh I could make that, then have a go! Not always so successful as yours though. I always sew by hand now as I no longer have a machine and yes I actually prefer it.

  4. Lovely lampshade, so pretty.
    Eeek, still picking pretty rose from your garden how completely wonderful.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas dinner night out.