Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

I have just watched 'Carols from Kings' which was beautiful, as always. Now I am definitely in the Christmas spirit and wish all of you and very merry and peaceful Christmas. Here is a photo of our tree, rather late in being put up, and some daphne picked from the garden this morning - the scent is gorgeous.


  1. Love the perfume of daphne. What a lovely tree, too. Hope you had a super day yesterday and all good wishes for 2009. Thanks for popping by!

  2. What a lovely pretty tree, I hope you enjoyed the last couple of days. I've read all of the book from cover to cover and it's got some gorgeous pictures and ideas. Thank you for sending it so fast, it was a delight to open on the day.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year, Mel xxx

  3. You have been tagged!