Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Art Group

A friend of mine has started an artists discussion group and has been asking me for a while to come along so this morning I decided to. It was very informal and I really enjoyed it. They had been studying the work of Piet Mondrian famous for his abstract pictures. Most people will be familiar with his paintings like this one
but I wasn't aware that this is his later work and previous to these his style couldn't be more different. I particularly like this chrysanthemum

and this little girl.

I also went to my reading group last week. The next book we are to read seems to be reprinting and unavailable from Amazon etc. so I decided to see if my local library had it. We have lived here for 11 months and I haven't joined the library as I do like my books to be brand new when I read them. Well they didn't have the book or a couple of others I looked for, nor did they seem to have any classics on the shelves. When I enquired where I would find anything by Dickens or Hardy I was told that they keep all the classics in their office as there doesn't seem to be the demand for them (I refrained from saying of course there can't be any demand for them if they aren't on the shelves). I decided not to join the library after all!

Last Friday Jane (the other half of Oh So Vintage) and I travelled up to Shepton Mallett to the antiques fair and managed to buy quite a lot. We were particularly looking for linens as they sell well on the website and we find it difficult sourcing them. It was a very tiring day (particularly as we took several detours on the way - too much chatting and not enough sign reading, plus a sat nav that has a dicky connection and keeps going off). I took my camera but was too busy looking for bargains to take any photos.


  1. Hi Ruth

    I remember my best friend studying Mondrian as part of her art A-level, I like the striking primary colours very much but I'd forgotten about the others!

    That antiques fair sounds good. I do keep an eye on your site, you've had some lovely pillow cases lately. I am still loving the little chair!!! It's my birthday soon so someone may volunteer to get it for me :D

    The library doesn't sound too promising. Ours is brilliant for children's books but the adult ones are not so good. I had a nose at the craft section last week and it was pretty poor really.

    Mel xxx

  2. PS I forgot to say thank you for the comment on Monday, it is much appreciated :)

  3. I found you through Mel (above). Hmm, maybe becasue of the "vintage" in your name. :)

    I like Mondrian becasue I like flat, 2d design. I'm NOT suprised he did more literal, representational art (all of the famous cubists and impressionists did), but I AM surprised that it looked so greeting card-ish (commercially cute!)

    I love vintage and just plain, "old" stuff and keep meaning to post about some of my favorite pieces.

  4. Oh what lovely friends you have,art, design and beauty sounds like you are a very busy lady. I love your new kitchen you must be very pleased your fire is great.Have a good weekend best wishes Pat