Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sew Busy

I bought a couple of grain sacks at an antiques fair recently intending to make them into 'things'. Having bought them, I was very reluctant to cut them up especially as they're not cheap (it's making that first snip, isn't it?) but today I now have two cushions ......
(which ought to go on the website but I think they would look just right in the new kitchen)
.....and a heart.

I also made a cushion from this French monogrammed 'R' and some Laura Ashley fabric.

I like collecting items bearing my initial (especially linens) and it's very handy to have a daughter with the same initial to pass them on to! Here are just a few

a papier mache brooch, a key, a Victorian sewing box
and a tin bearing my middle name (which as a child/teenager I really disliked).
How about posting some photos of anything you have with your initial/monogram and, as a matter of interest, are there any other Ruths out there who visit my blog?


  1. I really like the grain sack cushions and matching heart. What a good idea to collect items with your initial on. I am always on the lookout for a 'Louise' victorian silver name brooch, haven't found one yet! x

  2. What a great idea for a post! I might do mine tomorrow. I like your middle name, I think the heroine in the book The Demon Headmaster was called Dinah and I always thought she was great :)

    The grain sack cushions and heart look really good.

    Mel xxx

  3. Well done for being brave with the scissors. I've had a couple of grain sacks in the past but they've sold before I've had a chance to cut into them! The cushions look great.

    No photos of me covered in feathers (thankfully!).

    Sue x

  4. They are lovely Ruth and I do understand what you mean by that first cut! I felt a bit like that when I made the first paint stroke on a mirror I have.
    I love the initial pieces too.
    Carol xx

  5. Hi,
    Just popped in to say thanks for visiting.
    I also collect my initial but I've only got about three!
    I like what you did with the fabric...very french looking. I have piles of vintage fabric but it never gets made up into anything as I can't bear to cut into it!
    Deb x

  6. What a great idea and what a lovely blog, Thanks

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog i love to meet new friends,ilove your sewing you are very talented best wishes Pat

  8. The grain sack cushions are really attractive and so is the cushion with the initial. Looking at them makes me wish I could make lovely things like that.

  9. Lovely!! i'll be doing this! x

  10. I love your cushions!! I'm always looking for things to cut up and alter but it takes a few minutes for me to take the plunge with the scissors ! ;-)