Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Enjoying the Sunshine

Hasn't the weather been glorious? I have walked to the beach every day this week. On Sunday I was accompanied by a daughter and husband.

We usually come back laden with driftwood but this time we collected more hag stones which I have previously blogged about. It's amazing how many you can find.

Last evening I went to se the Queen Victoria film which was excellent and I can thoroughly recommend. Today I have been doing my least favourite chore - going to the tip! After that I did five hours gardening so guess where I'll be going again tomorrow?

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.


  1. How lovely to have the beach close enough to walk down every day. We have a house on the Lancashire coast but I can only spend a few weeks there each year.

  2. You are so very lucky to be so close to the sea, I would be so happy to walk along the beach and breath in the wonderful sea air.
    I too have a collection of stones with holes in, funnily enough I was looking at yesterday, they need re-stringing!

  3. The holey stones are great, our beach doesn't seem to have any!!

  4. Ooh I like the stones! We always come back with shells and stones from the beach, I can't help but look for natural treasure and my eldest is just the same luckily (little one at this stage mainly just runs off!).

    Glad to hear that film is good, my Mum said she would take me to see it and I'm looking forward to it.

    Mel xxx

  5. Jow I would love to take a walk along the beach, preferably without a drive through lots of traffic in order to reach it! I loved the names of your ducks by the way!

  6. Gorgeous weather..yes indeedy!
    Its difficult to stay out of the garden when its so warm, isn't it...I think many a UK blogger has been gardening this week...the tips are going to be full!

    Lucky you being so near the sea!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  7. We cleared out my step-dads loft yesterday and had a trip to the tip, it was, as usual, chaos up there! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, I have been in the garden, but have not made it down to the beach. I collect stones to string as well, although I have yet to find as many as you. x