Thursday, 28 May 2009

Baby Dresses

These two dresses were mine when I was a baby. I even have a photo of me wearing this one on my 1st birthday. So, having to give my age away now, they are almost 55 years old.

I also have my father's christening gown (which must be about 82 years old) and two of his nightgowns.
This beautiful pram pillowcase was given to me by my paternal grandmother when I was expecting my daughter in 1984. It had belonged to her grandmother (my great great grandmother). I had it framed over black velvet to show all the detail.

This handpainted plate is from a Coalport teaset which was a wedding gift to my great great aunt

who is pictured here.

Many years ago when I inherited it (and when pretty china was more in vogue) I took it to an auctioneer to have it valued. He dismissed it as being worth only about £25 and said I could find equally nice ones in Timothy Whites! (For you younger readers Timothy Whites was a shop which was taken over by Boots in the 70s). This auctioneer is still in business which I find surprising!


  1. Sack him! lol. Gosh these are beautiful items you have, Ruth. Fancy having those lovely garments from your family. I have nothing in clothing so old. Marvellous. Great post!

  2. Wonderful post Ruth! I would love to swap you something for that Golden Hands book, what would you like from me for the book? xxxxxx

  3. Oh my goodness the dresses are beautiful x

  4. Hi Ruth

    Thanks so much for your lovely wishes, it has been very sunny here today, I hope it's nice there too :)

    Gorgeous dresses there, I think I would treasure them too.

    Mel xxx

  5. Hi Ruth

    Love the dresses. I keep meaning to take a photo of mine, which is slightly older than yours(!), along with a couple of baby jackets which my great aunt made before I was born - one with pink edging and one with blue, as they obviously didn't know what I was going to be in those days!!!!!

    There is currently one Coalport side plate at Dairy House, which I think is the same design. I'm selling it for a regular customer.

    Love the other pieces in your post.

    Sue x

  6. I remember Timothy Whites! So glad you didn't take any notice of the auctioneer. How lovely to have these family heirlooms to cherish, and all in such a fabulous condition. x

  7. Oh my look at all those beautiful treasures you have, pretty & sentimental. I just love the little baby gowns.

  8. Hi Ruth, how wonderful to still have those things - I had many younger cousins who inherited most of my toys and clothes, so I don't have much left from my childhood. My parents were war refugees from Poland so sadly we don't have family heirlooms either. The V&H fair was a truly unique experience, I wish there could be more like that!
    Lucy x

  9. Hi again
    We are off to St. Tudy in Cornwall, we are staying at Hengar Manor Country Park, it looks lovely so I can't wait!

  10. Always enjoy your blog, so have finally got around to adding it to my faves! Thank for your comment, you must try to visit the next V&HM fair.. 'twas brilliant!
    Lizzie x

  11. How lovely to have such pretty heirlooms!


  12. you have such beautiful items! great blog!

  13. Such beautiful dresses, we rarely see babies in dresses like these anymore.
    You are lucky to still have so many family treasures.
    I have a few pram sets passed down, mainly pillowcaes and all of Katies specail dresses and James rompers. I love to look at them still. Gosh I remember Timothy Whites! I also remember being left outside St Michael's !!! in the Old Kent Road Lonodn in my big Silver Cross pram and boy did I scream for my Mother and sister to come would never leave a baby outside a shop now, would you! I remember being left in the car while Mum & Dad went in the Pub! a bag of crisps with a blue salt packet...twised inside the packet and a botle of coke, a very speciall treat that was, i only ever was given them if I sat quietly in the car!
    I had my son in 1984..July and it was hot, what day was your daughter born, James was on the
    8th a Sunday so his Dad missed his Sunday football...hehe

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