Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Garden, pt II

My camera battery is now recharged but I think the photos of my garden prove that I ought to be outside tending it rather than indoors on the computer!

Are these purple flowers weeds? I like them though.
We have a lot of roses in this garden but most are completely out of control and should have had severe pruning. These are the first ones to be flowering.
This peony doesn't look too healthy but it is the only one and I love its rich colour.

I love the effect of this fungus on the tree trunk.

This is our air raid shelter. (Excuse the black plastic pot - I am trying to find a terracotta one large enough.) The entrance is beside the tree and it is very small inside.

The first of the arum lilies to flower, right by the front gate. I know the valerian beside it is a weed but I don't like to get rid of anything that flowers!


  1. Your garden is looking lovely. xxxx

  2. I'm pleased you like your book Ruth.
    I'm going to announce on my next post, that all the books I've listed, you can swap anyhting for, it does not have to be another book, so if theres any books of mine you fancy, just let me know.
    Do you want to do the same, or do you prefer a book for a book? xxxx

  3. Hi Ruth, just to let you know about the book swap, I've listed Debs (this vintage life) books for her, and there are a lot of books there, and also, if there are any of my books you want, or any of Debs books you want, you can swap us them for anything, anything at all, it does not have to be a book for a book, would you like to do this also, or would you rather swap your books for a book? That is fine if you do, just remember, you can swap mine and Debs books for anything at all, I know there were a few of my books you would like, so I am willing to swap you books for anything, just let me know. xxxxxx

  4. Hi Ruth, theres an award for you over on my site. xxxx

  5. Love your garden photos, and your blog. I'm going to have to check out your website too. I found you blog surfing and am you newest follower.
    Have a wonderful Saturday!
    ♥ Teresa

  6. Hi Ruth - Those gorgeous blue flowers look like hardy geraniums to me. Perfect ground cover. I used to grow about 15 different varieties in all shades, shapes and sizes. Love them.

    The rest of the garden looks lovely!
    Sue x

  7. Once the geraniums have flowered and have gone a bit straggly cut them back and they should bush out again.

    Thanks for your good wishes for the Fair.

    Sue x

  8. You have some lovley pictures of your garden there Ruth. I think the purple flower is Wild Geraniums, they are pretty and quite hardy, come in all colours, size and shapes. One of those plants you can put in and forget about!
    Carol x