Saturday, 29 January 2011

Storage Jars

I seem to have quite a lot of kitchen storage jars dotted around my home so thought I would share a few of these with you. The ones below are my latest acquisitions. I have several Jean Francois Millet prints in my dining room and found a dish with this picture on it last year so I was delighted to find these jars too. It is of 'The Angelus' and I have previously blogged about it here.

These were the first set (not just odd ones) I bought which I intended to put on the website about four years ago. As you can see they never actually made it on there!
I bought this set in Cornwall about 2 years ago. Unfortunately only one still has its lid.
I like these rusty old tin ones; they make a change from the ceramic ones.
I have several of these marmalade jars. They must have eaten so much marmalade in years past as soooo many of these jars have survived.

I also have several of these white jars for sultanas, raisins, etc. but my favourite of all is the Grimwades Rice jar probably because of its shape and the characteristic writing extolling its merits.


  1. You've got some great jars there! Love the tin ones - and the info on the Grimwade one! Have a good weekend :)

  2. Oh what a lovely collection of jars you have.
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. What a wonderful collection of jars...and don't feel too guilty because a lot of items I buy with intentions of selling on don't ever make it onto my web site or to the fairs.
    Jo xx

  4. Hello, I love the old rusty ones!

    Well done with your felt picture it looks beautiful!

    Lou xxx

  5. That is a lovely selection of jars.


  6. I love the jars! I'm such a hoarder of all sorts of tins; old and new - you can never have too many! I love your ceramic ones :-)

    Jem x

  7. Beautiful storage jars, they are really lovely! I have the same Millet dish as you, I bought it years ago when we were on holiday in France, I wouldn't part with mine either!

  8. You do have quite a collection of jars..Cannisters we call them! It would be hard to sell them...

  9. I have a collection of storage jars too, namely yellow/white Cornishware. Four spice, one small, three medium and one battered up large one which I use for teabags. The others stay empty as I fear I will damage them. I have two large modern yellow/white ones which I use for rice and pasta. If I had a larger kitchen I would look out for other types rather like yours. They are lovely. I especially like the Grimwades rice. A good idea, but has the lid been broken by using it as a scoop? x

  10. We also have a lot of storage jars in our house because my wife collects them religiously. However, the clear jars are the only ones that we actually use. My wife loves buying antique porcelain and tin jars, but when it comes to storing food and other stuff, she only trusts recycled bottle glasses and jars. That's a nice collection, by the way!

  11. Is there a value to the Grimwade jars? I have an oval one.