Monday, 7 February 2011

Wedding dresses

I have already blogged about the history of this dress but I recently brought it back from my mother's to display on one of my vintage mannequins. Sadly, it is so small it doesn't fit them and even this new, size ten one is too big (as you can see it doesn't quite meet on the bust).
The dress was my great grandmother's (Lucy Ann Barnes) who wore it on her wedding day in April 1885. Sadly it has deteriorated over the years as there are some rust marks and the odd hole where the material has rotted but I feel very privileged to own it. It has been stored away for a long time which seems such a shame and I think it should be on display but I don't want it to deteriorate further. My great grandmother must have been so tiny, it must be about a size 6.

I also brought this dress home which I wore to my mother's second marriage in 1969 when I was a teenager. The mini had just come onto the scene and I had this as short as I dared (and was allowed!)

Whilst I was in Cornwall last week I visited a lovely shop called 'Two Little Birds' in Falmouth. If you are ever their way do call in as they have some beautiful vintage clothes etc.


  1. I remember reading about your dress before - such a shame it does not fit the mannequins you have but I agree it is just too beautiful to be stored away where nobody can enjoy it :-)


  2. Beautiful fashions have changed over the years. I agree it is lovely to see them out on display, perhaps a textile conservationist could give you some tips on how best to store and display your Great Grandmothers dress. Do you have a photograph of her wearing it on her wedding day?
    Jo xx

  3. How lovely that you still have Your great-grandmother's wedding dress... she must have been tiny. I guess people generally were a lot smaller in those days.
    I remember the mini very you I wore them as short as I dared!

  4. Thanks so much for the mention, your blog is lovely x

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  6. The vintage wedding dress is indeed lovely. Sorry to hear that you won't fit in it. By the way, I've heard a lot of great stuff about Two Little Birds too. I can see that they're selling lovely vintage hats too. I look forward to going to this store soon. Thanks for sharing the info! :)

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  8. woo its amazing and beautiful one
    .... the design also superb and i think so much of variety ...i agree it is lovely to see them out of display also Wedding dresses