Monday, 21 February 2011

More Felting

Thankyou for your comments on my last post - it was interesting to read your views.
I have been experimenting with more felting lately. I am very much a novice but the whole process of transforming fibres of wool into felt fascinates me. The previous post I did on felting was using water and soap and friction to create the felt but I have also tried creating felt by using a needle. This is using one barbed needle placed over a sponge and the constant 'stabbing' makes the wool 'stick' to itself and form felt.
I have also made a bracelet with felt 'beads' and a rose corsage.
The blue piece is cobweb felting where much fewer strands are used. I really like this and my next project is to make a scarf. Looking at images on the internet I came across some stunning pieces of felting. One thing I would like to try is Nuno felting where the wool and fabric, usually silk gauze, fuse together and this can be used to create scarves, shawls and other garments. Meanwhile I shall keep practising and hopefully be able to show you some more items soon.


  1. I've always fancied trying felting. Your results look great for a novice! Love the copy of the card - very romantic and pretty!

  2. Gorgeous work! ... :0)

    Shirl x

  3. Well done Ruth, those are stunning! Lizzie x