Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Items on loan to magazines

I wondered if anyone who reads this has had items on their website requested by magazines for photoshoots and, if so, what are their experiences.

Last year I was asked to send four items to a very well known country magazine which I did. It cost me quite a lot in postage as one of the items was quite large and had to be sent separately. After I received them back I emailed the magazine to ask if they had used them. I received no reply so I emailed again (all very politely) but never had a reply. Last month another magazine, again a reputable antiques one, asked for an item to be loaned to them for a photoshoot. I duly sent this off, received it back and yet again, no emails and no reply to my enquiry.

What I want to ask is if this is the norm and am I being unreasonable when I think it is discourteous to ignore me once they have received the item? Surely a brief email thanking me and saying whether or not it has been used wouldn't go amiss?

I regularly buy Country Living, Homes and Antiques, English Home and Country Homes and Interiors plus some others now and then. I always enjoy seeing where items have been sourced and like to look at these people's websites. It is always interesting to see different websites mentioned (other than Cath Kidston and Cabbages & Roses!) especially ones that are new to me.
By the way it wasn't any of the magazines in the above photo. Ok, moan over!!
I am loving my newly acquired Asiatic Pheasant dish

and metal letter stencil. The shop only had three left for sale and fortunately one was an R for Ruth.


  1. I've never have been asked but am amazed that your experience has happened more than once and am glad you have raised this. I would certainly think twice now given the cost of postage. I think at the least you should be paid for the postage. The advertising revenue and the cost of the magazine should be able to stand the postage involved. Not to mention sending you a free copy of hte magazine your item is featured in.

  2. I agree they are very bad mannered. If there is a next time I would ask for expenses, you should not be out of pocket.

  3. That is a terrible experience and will make me think twice if ever I am asked to loan an item, extremely bad mannered!! Love the Asiatic Pheasant dish, I love blue and white. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jo xx

  4. I have had mixed experiences with this situation. A certain bridal magazine used some of my items a few years ago & always wanted the items asap (i could get a phone call on the Friday afternoon & they wanted the items in London by Monday morning!) They would then take AGES to return my items. All in all I would say it is a stressful situation & I will be very reluctant to loan anything again!! xx

  5. I've never been asked to lend anything to a magazine, but when we sold at Kempton I was asked for terracotta flower pots and a beehive for Harry Potter films.

    On both occasions I said that I would only sell them, not loan and on both occasions they bought the items!

    The flowerpots were used in a mandrake scene, and the very dilapidated old beehive was used in an orchard.


  6. I believe the mags should inform you which issue your items were used in, or at least pay the cost of postage. xx

  7. I have loaned items to Homes & Antiques magazine on several occasions now. As their office is nearby I usually drop the items off & then they return them to me by post when they've finished.
    Each time they have told me what they were going to be used for & which issue they'd be in & published my website details in their shopping directory.

    So far I'd say my experience has been very good.


  8. I hope you don't mind me asking,but I noticed you have a website that sells vintage eiderdowns,and I was wondering how they should be cleaned.The dry cleaners won't touch it and don't advise washing it as this can cause water marks.It is not dirty as such but smells smoky.Do you think if I hang it out on the line on a windy day that would get rid of the smell? :0)

  9. Oh this is terrible!
    The lady who I've been e-mailing who requested my items, seems lovely & told me what the feature was & what issue it was, so at least I know that!
    Once I receive the items back I will e-mail again & ask a few questions.
    I'm so glad you posted about this though as it is good to know other peoples experiences isn't it & be forewarned!