Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Vintage Clothes

I have been doing quite a lot of buying for the website recently.  I had a visit to Ardingly and bought twelve of these lovely French dessert glasses - no wonder the French ladies are so slim looking at the size of these if this is all the dessert they eat!

I love these two mosaic brooches I bought.

At the weekend I went to an auction and bought lots of linen so this week it's been like a Chinese laundry in my home.  I like to wash and starch everything before it goes on the website.  Luckily I don't mind ironing!
I also bought a box of vintage clothes which I don't usually sell but these took my fancy.  This is a Victorian dress which is too small to fit on any of my mannequins unfortunately so difficult to display.

 There was also a wedding dress and veil.  Someone has cut off the bottom of the dress and it needs some tlc on the lace.

This Chinese coat is reversible and beautifully made.

I will post some photos of the linens when I can see over the mountain of ironing!


  1. Lovely finds Ruth, and I particularly love the clothes you have found, the Chinese coat is gorgeous.
    Jo xx

  2. Gorgeous finds, especially the black dress. It looks like taffeta but what a pity it is so small. I'm sure some slender girl will snap it up.


  3. Beautiful vintage finds! Love those pretty glasses. :0)

  4. Amazing finds those glasses and that coat were truly awesome....

  5. The glasses look so dainty.
    I believe French Ladies have a small portion of everything,I just need some willpower :)
    Love the coat