Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I love painted furniture if it is done well but sometimes when I walk around some antique centres it seems that anything and every piece of wood has been painted and I don't think this is always right.  I also like wood particularly oak and mahogany to be left looking like wood!

I recently bought these two pieces - a sewing box/stand which I have decided should be left as it is but I am unsure about this screen.  There are two panels of embroidery but would it look better given the Farrow & Ball treatment and with this lovely Kate Forman fabric.  What do you think?

I also bought these two silver brooches which would be lovely to give for a Valentine's present.  Both have horseshoes and ivy on them.  Ivy leaves were used on jewellery as a symbol of fidelity and, of course, horseshoes bring good luck so these may have been given to a bride on her wedding day.


  1. I agree with what you have said about painted furniture,we have a few pieces that are unpainted although i must admit they could be getting a change...i love the sewing box/stand and it looks really fabulous against the white floorboards.
    I think painted with that beautiful fabric would be beautiful for the screen.
    Loving those brooches too,lovely finds x

  2. so funny that you say this today about painted furniture- I was looking through some blog posts last night with photos of antique centres and fairs and thought crumbs, everything is just a sea of gustavian grey!
    Now I'm as guilty as everyone else because I do think many things look better painted, and fashion dictates the current colours sell better but sometimes I do feel wood needs to shine through!

  3. I agree, don't paint the sewing stand it is beautiful as it is, but the screen will look great painted with your Kate Forman fabric.
    F and B French gray would pick out the soft leaf colour perhaps?
    Julie x

  4. I love painted furniture too....beautiful items!!

  5. It does seem a shame to paint the screen - but having said that I think if I was going to put it in my home I'd probably paint it! The foibles of fashion, I suppose.

    The sewing stand is lovely as it is. I think it's nice to have some wooden items as a bit of an accent.

  6. I see far too much badly painted furniture. Some dealers seem to think that if you roughly slap a coat of paint on any old furniture it magically transforms into 'shabby chic'. If it is the right piece & done well it is lovely, but some furniture should also be left natural.
    I remember back in the early 80's when all the old painted furniture was being stripped of paint & now it's all being painted again!

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