Sunday, 5 February 2012

Vintage Market

Yesterday my daughter and I visited Boscombe Vintage Market near where she lives.  We'd never been before and were pleasantly surprised at the lovely things for sale. 

I only bought one thing (and for myself, not re-sale).  I love these mosaic ear clips which I shall wear as dress clips on a dress or jumper. 

We then went into Christchurch

for some lunch (her treat) and a bit of shopping at Kiki's boutique.  It's a lovely shop and I usually find something to buy there.


  1. I shall add this to my "Places to visit" list - it looks lovely! And thank you for following my blog!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day out - it doesn't come much better than a girly day shopping and lunching!! XX

  3. I love what you done with the clips! I can't believe you put that link for that shop, thats going to cost me... ;)

    Lou xxx

  4. Thank you for your sweet message about SAM.
    Really like to follow you, I also have a shop in English antiques and flea market,
    I like very much your landscape, food, friendly, almost anything as long as it has to do with England.
    I hope still like a lot to see and hear from you!!
    With warm greetings from the cold Netherlands,
    Silvia XXX

  5. I would love a day out like that!
    Those ear clips will look lovely on a vintage dress. :0)

  6. What a lovely day out you had,i love what you brought home from Kiki's looks gorgeous! x