Monday, 13 February 2012

Nuno Felting

This is my first attempt at nuno felting (a technique which bonds loose fibre, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze).  Having seen lots of beautiful scarves on Pinterest and google images I decided to make myself a scarf.  I watched several videos on youtube and decided this lady's were the easiest to follow.  The most suitable fabric I could find was some black silk chiffon so then it was a question of deciding which colours of wool to use.  As most of my clothes seem to be grey or black I decided to keep to these colours.  This is the finished result. 

I was really pleased with my effort but the first friend I showed it to remarked that it was drab and stiff!  Undeterred I did wear it and had lots of favourable comments.  It is stiffer than I had wanted but now I have discovered that the company from which I buy my wool tops also sells silk gauze (unfortunately only in white but I can dye it).

Because I did not have a piece of silk long enough then I had to join two pieces in the middle.  This is quite easy as the felted wool joins them.  I also had to put wool all around the edges as they were raw edges.

I am really keen to make some more scarves and am even wondering about selling them.  What do you think?

I have started going to my ceramics class again though I am not very good at it.  Here are some hearts  I have made


and some crackle glazed Christmas bells, stars and holly.

I have also made several ceramic buttons and I am wondering if these would also sell as I can do them in any colour people would want.  They could be used on cushion covers as well as knitwear.


  1. Oh I think everything is wonderful! I love your felting work & your ceramics are just adorable, I love them!

  2. I like your s, shawl, GREAT, WONDERFUL.
    Do sell it, seems very nice!!
    With warm regards,

  3. I love your scarf and it certainly isn't drab! I bet it looks stunning when you wear it. I also think your ceramic buttons would sell well as they are an unusual alternative to ordinary buttons.
    Jo xx

  4. Love your shawl and those hearts and cutouts were amazing, must try!

  5. I love the buttons and I would think they would be very sale-able.They would be great for embellishing just about anything - maybe even greetings cards. I wonder if they would wash ok if they were on a jumper though? I'm sure they'd be fine if gently hand washed.

    Your scarf is lovely too - but after all that effort it would seem a shame to put them up for sale!

  6. I love the felting - I think it is definitely saleable. The buttons are also gorgeous - they would look lovely on anything. Go for it!!! XX

  7. The scarf looks lovely, I’ve had a go a few times, mine didn’t come out that well. I would love to have a go at ceramics! all of it looks fab........

    Lou xxx

  8. so glad to see you have been posting after the grieving over the loss of your mother. love what you are getting into, especially the ceramics. how fun. hope you are well.

  9. so glad to see you have been posting after the grieving over the loss of your mother. love what you are getting into, especially the ceramics. how fun. hope you are well.

  10. Drab? tut tut friend! the scarf is Fab! love your ceramics the buttons are very cute,i think they would sell and you could do different themes with them like Cath Kidtons colours and then softer greys and whites,maybe chalky pinks oooh get me now imagining lol.

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