Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Felted bag

I have just finished my first attempt at a felted bag and am quite pleased!

I had previously made the flower so as the colours were the same I decided to use this rather than make another.

The strap actually took ages to make with continual rolling and wetting. 

There are no seams in the bag, it is all made in one piece with a template in the middle then layers of wool around the template.  The only sewing was to attach the loop and felt button.


  1. Well done Ruth it is gorgeous and I love the colours and the little felted flower.
    Jo xx

  2. Very clever, you certainly are getting quite an expert at it.
    The bag is lovely.

  3. WOW, you are clever! You must be so pleased with it. I will get some felting done soon. I need to have a good sort out in my craft room.

    Lou xxx

  4. It's gorgeous - looks like something from an expensive boutique. I love the red inside. I made a bag from a felted wool jumper, but it didn't look anything like as sophisticated as yours.

  5. Lovely just lovely....you are just cranking these out Momma!

  6. Ah Ruth it's gorgeous and looks like you bought it in a high end store,you are very clever x