Tuesday, 9 October 2012

...and more

I am still listing the French items I had bought before we went on holiday onto my website.  This large green enamel pitcher would look lovely displaying greenery and holly at Christmas.  (The portable cast iron step also in the photo was used for people to step out of carriages and is mine, not for sale).

This week I have learnt how to print onto fabric using my printer.  I have used a vintage French linen sheet to make all sorts of labels including this one on a French trug

and some hessian for a label on a florist's bucket.

(Both these items are now sold).
I often sell vintage French wine carriers, either for six or four bottles, but have never seen one which carried ten bottles!

That's more like my size!

These gravy/sauce boats are such a good idea but I've never seen an equivalent in the UK.

There are two spouts, one with a flange, one without.  One side has the letter M for Maigre, meaning lean, the other side has a G for Gras meaning fat.  The French refer to these double spouted jugs as Gras-Maigres.  Depending on which spout you pour from determines whether the fat is separated from the gravy or not.  Clever!

I will leave you with a photo I took whilst walking on the beach on Sunday morning; it was just like Summer.

I almost forgot!  If you fancy entering the giveaway on my daughter's blog you could win £100 worth of vouchers to spend at Boohoo (clothing).  Wish I could enter!


  1. Hi! Ruth,

    Great finds! Me like! lol The French trug is lovely. I couldn't help notice your doorknob in the first image. Just adorable! Love all your treasures.

    The beach photo is wonderful too. It's chilly here with Fall weather. I'm visualizing that warm beach weather. sigh!

    Thanks! for sharing. Have a sunny week!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  2. Such lovely goodies. I'm sure they will all sell like hotcakes.

  3. The French items are all lovely - I particularly like the green pitcher. Your local beach looks good too (are you near Chesil Beach?)

  4. The French items are so lovely and I was so inpressed with your homemade Hessian labels too. Great views of the sea from your beach.
    Sarah x

  5. Oh such wonderful goodies! I love those wine carriers. I would have snapped one of those up but we are moving house & so are trying to save all our money up as we need it to fully renovate the new house! I would have loved one of those for my new home though, they are wonderful.