Tuesday, 30 October 2012


My neighbour is a ceramicist and I attend her class every week.  I'm not very good at it but was very pleased with a mould I made for a torso.  This involved making the actual shape I wanted, then making another shape around this which would then form the hollow when the original was removed.  I can now make as many as I like by pouring in plaster (do you ever remember making things with rubber moulds as a child?).  

My first attempt shows the shape as it comes out of the mould.  This can then be tweaked and parts removed or added as you wish.  I decided to raku this one which gives it the crazed black markings.

My next torso was just given a v shaped neck and a white glaze which has left it quite plain looking.

My third one was attacked with a knife and dremel drill to form holes, then glazed with a bronze glaze and I am really pleased with this one;  I feel I am improving!!

I have recently had another birthday; I'm sure they come round more than once a year!!  One of my presents was this lovely Avoca bag.

Today a friend treated me to a manicure then a day's shopping and lunch out in Winchester.  I love this card she gave me!

Love it!


  1. Happy birthday, hope you had a good time shopping with your friend I liked her card and your Avoca bag. Your moulds are great, I particularly like the glazing on the last one.
    Sarah x

  2. Happy Birthday Ruth,
    I do like the distressed and glazed torso....looks just like a bronze sculpture.
    Very creative,
    Julie x

  3. Happy Birthday Ruth. I love your ceramic torso's, love the Raku glazed one.
    Jo xx

  4. Happy birthday! The Raku torso is my favourite too - such a good idea to make time for ones creative talents!

  5. Happy birthday! And congratulations on your ceramic pieces! Both raku one and the bronze glazed one look great!