Thursday, 12 April 2007


The trip to Cornwall was wonderful helped along, of course, by that amazing weather. I did remember my camera so shall share some of my holiday pics with you. We started our Good Friday walk at Rock which leads to Daymer Bay

From there we walked to St Enedoc Church

and saw John Betjeman's grave

Next we visited Port Quin which is a tiny cove, still known as the 'Village that died'. One stormy night, sometime in the19th century, the entire male population were drowned at sea whilst out fishing. The women of the village were unable to continue without their men folk, their hardship became intolerable and Port Quin was left deserted, with the fishermen's cottages falling into disrepair , ruin and the sea. Today most of the dwellings are owned by the National Trust and there are no shops, not even a tea room!

I walked to the top of the cliffs from where this photo was taken. There I found a seat dedicated to Sgt Steven Roberts who was killed in Iraq after having to give up his body armour to other soldiers just three days after the conflict began. Standing there and reading the dedication was very moving especially as I had no idea that it was there.

It says 'I am here. I am that seventh wave, I am the mist that passes over the green fields beyond. I am not far away and will see you again. But not yet...... Sgt Steven Roberts 1969 - 2003. Mourn me, but don't mourn too long. Miss me, but live'. At his request his ashes were scattered at Port Quin, described as his 'favourite spot in the world' This is the view looking out from his seat.

To end this rather sad post on a lighter note here are two more Porthleven cups and saucers which my Mum had found for me to add to my collection shown on a previous post.


  1. You didn't mention me once! Haha. I shall put my photos up soon, although some of yours are better than mine! :) xx

  2. A beautiful and poignant post. Lovely photos.

    Ruth, thanks for your comments. Please have a look at the new post - do you have what I'm looking for by any chance? Sue

  3. Hi Ruth, The photos are beautiful, Cornwall has such amazing scenery and coastline. Last time we were at Rock we walked the beach. The dedication to Steven Roberts is very touching indeed. Clare x

  4. How sad, he was so young, yet how beautiful that post is...the photos are breathtaking!

  5. OH!!! Such beautiful nature!! I have never been in England, but thats my priority next time we are going on a longer trip.You have a breathtaking nature and i love the countryside! When i am off i watch programs like, bargain hunt, carbooty,cash in the attic and moving to the country. I love all the places that`s shown in those programs. And i think i have one favourite place. DORSET!
    And in Dorset they also have Monkey World, that i also just have to visit, follow the programs on Animal planet :)
    Well, that`s all for now. Enjoy your day! Wave from Holland :)

  6. A beautiful post, all told.
    (The area looked surprisingly quiet for Easter).

  7. What beautiful photos; it reminds me why I love your country so much! That dedication to Steven Roberts brought me to tears.

    Glad to see you received some nice pretties to add to your collection!

  8. WOW! I am so happy you shared your gorgeous photos with us! I have always wanted to visit England and I hope to some day. Everything is just so gorgeous! What a touching tribute to that soldier, it really gave me chills while reading it.


  9. Cornwall is so beautiful isn't it? You were very lucky with the weather.What a poignant thing to find the seat with its lovely words commemorating Sergeant Roberts - and how much more dignified than the the recent debacle with the navy personnel. The photograph looking out over the sea is wonderful, so tranquil looking.

  10. Thank you for such a beautiful post, It really is a lovely part of England. That dedication was very touching.
    Kim x

  11. Beautiful photos. I had a short holiday in St Ives one autumn two years ago and hit simply stunning weather. It was like summer and the blue sky and the sea were all bathed in that wonderful Cornish light