Friday, 27 April 2007

May Day (100 Years Ago)

I can't believe it is almost May but we've already been celebrating and welcoming Spring for most of April.

I thought I would share some photos of my paternal grandmother celebrating May Day. She was born in 1901 so these must have been taken around 1907 by the look of the ages of the children. I did have a picture of them all dancing around a maypole but can't find it, unfortunately.
My grandmother was on the far left in the first photo and on the top, far left in the last photo.


  1. What lovely nostalgic photographs to have - life was so different 100 years ago and yet it isn't really all that long a span of time.

  2. How precious! I just love those old family photos! My mother has collected her old photos of her grandparents and has been putting them onto a cd for my brother and I, so we can share them, too.

  3. I have what seems like hundreds of old photos, too. How different photos of children are today - they were never supposed to smile in the Victorian/early Edwardian era, were they, although I'm sure they must have been having a wonderful time!

  4. How sweet is that! I love them!