Friday, 20 April 2007

This and That

Last week I found two items bearing my initials - the R brooch for Ruth and the four linen Ts for my surname, the latter only costing 20p. I do have several other items bearing the initial R and I can pass these on to my daughter one day as her name is Rose. Do other people collect items bearing their initials?

Today I spent the day at Exbury Gardens renowned for its magnificent display of rhododendrons, azaleas and woodlands....but I forgot my camera so here are some photos of our garden instead! Like many other people's, our wisteria is going crazy and the scent as you walk outside is wonderful.

This is our small pond which was full of tadpoles but they seem to be disappearing.

as are the fish. We have a heron who likes to pay us a visit. One day we found him standing in the pond. This heron made of driftwood that my husband made was supposed to act like a scarecrow but seems to have the opposite effect! His first attempt at constructing driftwood animals was this pig which I asked him to have a go at making after visiting the Eden Project and seeing similar ones there.

I hope you all have a very good week.


  1. That wisteria looks beautiful. What a lucky find (the R Brooch)! The driftwood heron is very impressive! Hope you have a good week too!
    Kim x

  2. What a beautiful brooche, it is so qute with the flowers :) My mother in law loved rhododendrons and azaleas !! They smells like heaven!! It is 3 years sinds she died, and if i pass by it i feel a little bit sad, but also happy at the same time. Because i could picture her face in front of me, with the smile on her face when she talked about her garden with those plants. Good memories :)

  3. Your wisteria looks gorgeous! I don't have any personally, but friends of ours do (as a matter of fact, their house is called "Wisteria House") - but it hasn't started to bloom just yet. That heron your husband made is fabulous - I love it!

  4. Your garden is gorgeous Ruth!