Saturday, 28 April 2007

To Paint or Not to Paint

A little while ago the Daily Mail Weekend magazine contacted me to ask if I would send them one of my eiderdowns from my website for a photo shoot. This morning I was very excited as I walked to the paper shop as it was going to be featured today and here it is. Mine is the pink paisley one more or less in the centre of the picture.

The weather forecast promised this to be another warm and sunny day so the dilemma for me on a day I had entirely to myself was whether to paint this old sun lounger I had bought

or whether to have a really lazy day and sit in it reading the paper, magazines and my current book...... I chose the latter!

There's always tomorrow!


  1. Saw it first thing this morning - at least hubby showed me the page as it's "my sort of stuff" (well done, him!), and I noticed your name there. Well done! Here's to many more opportunities!


  2. Oh wow, I didn't realise it was yours, I saw it this morning and thought to myself that I must cut the picture out to keep!
    Love your chair,sounds like you had a good day.

  3. I saw it this afternoon at my inlaws and thought what a good photo it was. It must give a real buzz to see it!

  4. What a lovely blog, I found you through Victoria May Plum's Village Diary.
    I have added you to my links.
    Take care

  5. Congratulations, you must have been so pleased. I'm sure that your business will get lots more attention, as your website is just wonderful.
    Thankyou for visiting my blog, it is so nice to hear from new bloggers. I will also add you to my blog list.
    Victoria x

  6. Congratulations! Glad you chose to lie in the chair instead of painting - sounds much more relaxing!

  7. Wow, How exciting for you! Yours is the prettiest one! I love your chair too!


  8. I'd chosen the lazy day too lol

  9. How exciting to have your lovely eiderdown featured! I so badly want one of those for my own bed, and I want to purchase a nice vintage one from England... shipping is astronimical though. I suppose I need to make a personal trip! =)

  10. Oh, that is just great!!! And it look just lovely, love the colour!
    Lucky girl ;)
    What a beautiful chair you have, would like to spend some time there with a nice cup of tea sn my favourite Interior magazine :)
    Enjoy your weekend! Wave from Holland :)

  11. Fantastic, Rosie's Mum, you made it to the Mail! How exciting indeed to see it there and it looks just so pretty.

    Is Rosie ok? She's not posted for years and years and years... lol.

  12. I've made you one of my blog links at the side of my site!

  13. I have posted a photo of the missing UK girl Madeleine in the hope that the more people see her, the more chance she may be found. Please take a sec to pop over to Cheltenham, to put her face in your head. Thanks to you and your readers.

  14. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Yes you are right, St Agnes Last Stand is about the nun and the cowboy and a bit gruesome! Margaret Lawrence trilogy is fantastic with a bit of everything in it - love, murder, craft, history etc etc. Come and check out my current post about Mary Webb and Shropshire.