Friday, 16 November 2007

The Bear Nobody Wanted

The Bear Nobody Wanted
Many years ago I came upon a jumble sale. Unfortunately it had more or less finished and already someone had come in to collect all that was left for rags for his business. I happened to spy this bear that nobody had bought and I rescued him for 5p. How could he have got left with nobody wanting to buy him? He has obviously been well loved and cuddled and so I brought him to a new home where he has now lived for about 20 years.

Christmas Boxes
I have already received two Christmas cards but I refuse to put them up! It's still 5 weeks away! We went Christmas shopping on Saturday and already the shops are manic, queuing for the car park, queuing at the tills and more queuing just to get something to eat. We don't buy a lot of presents as we both come from very small families and a couple of years ago my mother and I decided to give to charity rather than each other.
Our particular favourite is Shelterbox who provide emergency aid for victims of natural and other disasters anywhere in the world. As soon as it is needed they provide shelterboxes – a tough, green plastic box containing a 10-person tent and ancillary equipment designed to enable a family of up to 10 people survive for at least six months. Following the cyclone in Bangladesh on Friday they aimed to despatch 230 boxes within 24 hours. If you are interested in helping this charity a box costs £490 but whatever you donate helps (£15 provides an axe, shovel and hoe).
Nepal 2007

Pakistan 2005

Kenya 2007


  1. Just found you via O'h i can't remember, i will be back S x

  2. Hello, so glad you found me! Yes, if you get the chance, Marlborough is a lovely place to visit - there's a new shabby chic/brocante shop opening there soon too, which I will post about some time, once I've been there. If you ever do go, drop me a line and I'll tell you all the best bits! Just love your sweet little teddy. I'll be keeping your blog on my radar now!
    Best Wishes,