Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Magical Mystery Tour

My daughter announced last week that she was taking me on a mystery tour yesterday. I didn't know where we were going but it was her treat and it involved a train. We went to Brighton! We had a lovely day together. It's about a 90 minute journey (so great not to be driving for a change). First we went to the palace

then down to the sea and saw both piers. The west pier was built in 1866 but, sadly, caught fire and was almost destroyed in 2003.

The other pier is still open and houses a funfair etc. We went here many years ago when Rosie was much younger but we had more important things on ours minds like SHOPPING! We visited the new Cath Kidston shop,

and a huge emporium of bric-a -brac and antiques (I could have spent all day in here

and I could have spent lots of money in this salvage centre)

We we had a lovely lunch in 'Ask' - delicious pasta and a big glass of wine, then down to some serious clothes shopping. considering it was my treat I wonder how Rosie managed to buy lots more than I did!!

We were both feeling exhausted on the train coming home and Rosie wasn't sure whether she should have bought this red beret. I thought I would try to link the music on my blog to the content of the post, hence the titles of the Beatles and Prince's tracks.

I look forward to many more days out together. Thankyou so much Rosie.


  1. What a nice thing to do...I wish we had a salvage store like that, Id be there all day too!
    Love the beret!

  2. I love those emporiums in Brighton, you can find a lot of kitsch! I used to go with my mum so your trip with your daughter bought back lots of happy memories for me, as my mum is no longer with us. Every time I drive past the West Pier I feel very sad, I think it is scandalous that this wonderful landmark has just been left to disappear into the sea, I am sure something could have been done to have saved it, it is too late now. I have had a nice meal in Ask in Worthing, so I can imagine yours was very nice. Louise x

  3. I'm glad you had such a lovely day, as did I Mummy; in particular our amusing train journey, doing lots of shopping, our lovely lunch and taking snaps on the pier (you can see my photographs on my blog).
    Aren't we just terribly interesting lately?

  4. What a lovely daughter.
    It is lovely to have suprises like this. I want to go to Brighton now.
    Brighton is such a great place for those quaint little shops.
    I went to Cath Kidston shop recently in Covent garden......ohhhhhh I could spend lots in that shop.

  5. How fun! I've always wanted to go to Brighton. My BIL did on his last visit. Perhaps next time! =) I would LOVE to go bric-a-brac-ing there!!!

  6. What a smashing daughter! I have never been to Brighton, but I want to now!

  7. You are lucky what a super surprise.

  8. She definetly did the right thing buying the beret, it looks fab! I bought one from accesorize the other day but I'm not sure about it, perhaps I should post a picture and ask you what you think!
    That Cath K shop looks great, it looks about 5 x's the size of the one that I go to.
    Looks like a great day out! Jennifer x

  9. Ahhh lovely. What a dear daughter you do have.