Sunday, 11 November 2007

Chair Makeover

We've been away for the weekend so just a quick post here and I'll blog about where we went later in the week. I bought a couple of director's chairs a few weeks ago and decided to give one of them a makeover. Here is the 'before'.......

...........and here is the 'after'.

I think it would look really pretty in a bedroom or bathroom and is far too nice to use outside! I had intended putting it on the website but now want to keep it myself having put so much effort into its transformation. If I do the other one exactly the same then I can at least sell one of them. Hope you like the finished product too.


  1. I have got the above chair in a lovely faded shade of blue. I can't believe the transformation you have made, it is so lovely, if that chair was mine I just could not sell it. My sister-in-law is handy with a sewing machine and paint brush, I can see a favour coming on! x

  2. Lovely chair Mummy, it looks nice with the first Cath Kidston book sat on it and the little heart you made.
    Haven't I been good with blogging lately- I've done three since last week which means I'm... three times as interesting!

  3. That is a wonderful transformation! I didn't know they made canvas in such pretty patterns!

  4. I'm so sorry I've missed so many of your posts! I've just read your post on Brighton, glad you had such a good time. Was that Snooper's Paradise that you were rummaging in? I love it in there. As for your directors chairs, they're gorgeous. What a fantastic transformation, that fabric is beautiful is it proper canvas?
    Kim x

  5. That is just gorgeous. I would keep it for myself.