Monday, 13 August 2012


Yesterday was our 34th wedding anniversary and we decided to venture into West Sussex and visit Parham House.

This Elizabethan mansion, built in 1557 is privately owned.  Like many historical houses photography wasn't allowed so I was unable to take any photos.

On the way there we planned to stop at a pub in Amberley for a celebratory lunch but unfortunately this pub has been sold and so was closed.  I am so pleased we stopped there though as it must be one of the prettiest villages in the UK (in my opinion!) with its own castle, 12th century church and duckpond.

I took so many photos of the houses; there wasn't one out of keeping with the rest and they were all so beautifully maintained.  Here is a selection - I could live in any of them!

I think this one is my favourite

but I also like this one

and this one

and look at these unusual windows.

This one has just been sold

In years past these would have been referred to as chocolate box houses but, of course, confectionery doesn't have these sort of illustrations anymore.

Maybe you know of a prettier village......


  1. I grew up in a sweet shop and we had lots of those lovely boxes of chocolates! Very pretty! Ada :)

  2. Oh my goodness, how beautiful! I could easily live in any one of these houses too. I love their rustic, earthy charm. Happy Anniversary to you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)