Monday, 6 August 2012

Carpe Diem

Every time I walk down to the beach I seem to come home with bits of driftwood and when I saw a sign with a clever take on the Carpe Diem 'Seize The Day' on Pinterest I decided to make a similar one myself.  Even the rope to hang it by is an old piece found on the beach this morning.

This week I have also painted a chair to go with the dressing table in my previous post.

Last Friday I went with my daughter to the 'designer emporium' Kilver Court near Shepton Mallet.  After an hour's drive to Rosie's she then drove there which took a further one and three quarter hours.  But, the journey was worth it and we weren't disappointed as we both treated ourselves to some goodies.  I bought a scarf, perfume, slippers and a basket for myself.

I forgot my camera so these photos are courtesy of Rosie.

The Mulberry Store

and a delicious lunch.


  1. We had hoped to get to Kilver Court on our little break in the Cotswolds last week but decided it was too I wish we had gone! It looks great.
    Love your makeover on your previous post, it is so much nicer now.
    I did the same with an old Scotch chest of was originally old pine but now light blue too and I am delighted with the result.
    Hurrah for F and B!
    Julie x

  2. Hi Ruth, so close! Often wonder how you are but just don't blog these days.

  3. wow- I've been meaning to go for ages, now I'm really gonna get in gear and pay a visit!

  4. Bet that was a lovely day with your Daughter, I drag mine around charity shops, they are not amused! Perhaps I need a different approach! Ada :)

  5. Hi Ruth,
    I love your sign and painted chair,what a lovely colour! I didn't visit my usual antique shops this time as we had my Mum with us in a wheelchair.I was tempted though. At least I saved myself some money!

  6. Hi! Ruth,

    Omg! all those goodies. Sounds like you & your daughter had a wonderful time out. The shop looks so amazing! Would love to shop there :o) That lunch looks "yummy". My fav! those adorable slippers. I like!

    Thanks! for sharing your fun post. Have a beautiful week!

    Blessings & Hugs,