Thursday, 30 August 2012

Maltese Lace

I have recently bought this Maltese lace 'waistcoat' and it is now for sale on my website.  It is quite small but I think it would be stunning used for a vintage wedding (or it would even look good over a camisole and with jeans!)

Ever since I was given a Maltese Lace scarf about 38 years ago I have been fascinated by its intricacy and history.

The eight pointed Maltese Cross is usually worked into the design in the lace, either a large one like this in the waistcoat or smaller ones along the edges as in my scarves.

(Also note how much finer the silk is in the scarf on the left).

Maltese lace can be easily identified by the creamy buttery coloured silk used to make the lace and the 'wheat ear leaves' or 'oats' incorporated into the design.

Sections of lace are rarely more than six inches wide so larger items were made by piecing separate sections together.


  1. oh my guch beautiful work, I wonder how many hours it took!

  2. The lace is so beautiful I love things made by hand. Thank you so much for becoming my latest follower and introducing me to your lovely blog too. I have never heard of Kilver Court it looks a wonderful place to visit and isn't too far from me.
    Sarah x

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